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"The Pride of the South Side"

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March 6, 2003
Gentle Giant "Pantagruel's Nativity" (Vertigo)
Gentle Giant "Edge of Twilight" (Vertigo)
Couch "Haters of Couch" (Bulb)
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink "Alright" (Bulb)
Game Theory "Go Ahead, You're Dying" (Enigma)
Game Theory "Dripping With Looks" (Enigma)
Black Dice "Things Will Never Be The Same" (DFA)
Black Dice "The Dream Is Going Down" (DFA)
Keith Hudson "Michael Talbot Affair" (Blood & Fire)
Battiato "Energia" (Bla Bla)
Battiato "Fenomenologia" (Bla Bla)
Roxy Music "Pyjamarama" (BBC Sessions)
Bob Dylan "One Of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)" (Columbia)
The Boys "You Make Me Shake" (Hyped 2 Death)
The Boys "She's My Girl -- She's All Mine" (Hyped 2 Death)
Gary Charlson "Brown Eyes" (Hyped2Death)
Donnie Barren "I Love My Cat's Meow" (Hyped 2 Death)
Elvis Presley "Baby Let's Play House" (RCA)
Couch "The Coffe' Gun" (Bulb)
Nazz "When I Get My Plane" (Rhino)
Kilslug "Into A Hole" (Taang!)
Kilslug "Henderson Rag" (Taang!)
Nice Nice "There Will Be Slogans" (White Denim)
Kitty Cat Pirate "I Wanna Be Your Robot" (Scratch 'N' Sniff)
Night Doctors "Macabre Goblin Strut" (Scratch 'N' Sniff)
Saturday Looks Good To Me "I Wish I Could Cry" (Ypsilanti)
Syd Barrett "Lanky (Part 1)" (Capitol)
Charlemagne Palestine "Piano Drone" (Algha Marghen)

February 20, 2003
Yabby You "Zambia" (Blood & Fire)
Yabby You "Revolution Conference" (Blood & Fire)
Hawkwind "Brainstorm" (United Artists)
Hawkwind "Space Is Deep" (United Artists)
Hawkwind "One Change" (United Artists)
Black Hole "Feel Good" (self-released)
Red Krayola "Ravi Shankar: Parachutist" (Collectables)
Royal Trux "Luminous Dolphin" (Drag City)
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink "Alright" (Bulb)
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink "I Love You" (Bulb)
Bo Diddley "She's Fine, She's Mine" (Slippytown Hiss Parade Vol. 8)
Wormdoom "One Way" (Twisted Village)
Comet Gain "I Close My Eyes To Think Of God" (Kill Rock Stars)
All Night "Night Dogs" (Tee Pee)
Germs "Let's Pretend" (Dionysus)
Zeros "Cosmetic Couple" (Dionysus)
Jamie Muir/Derek Bailey "Jara" [excerpt] (Incus)
Henry Flynt "Central Park Transverse Vocal #1-4 (1963)" (Locust)
Diane Nelson "Mounted Insect" (Susan Lawly)
Diane Nelson "Dissected Insect" (Susan Lawly)
Horacio Vaggione "La Maquina de Cantar" (Ampersand)
AC/DC "Night Prowler" (Epic)
Monster Island "Fantômas" (End Is Here)
Get Hustle "Lost Cities of Gold" (31G)
Eyvind Kang "Live Low to the Earth, in the Iron Age" (Abduction)

February 6, 2003
Funkadelic "Grooveallegiance" (Warner Bros.)
Bar-Kays "Holy Ghost" (Stax)
Parson Sound "From Tunis to India in Fullmoon (On Testosterone)" (Subliminal Sounds)
Lightning Bolt "Dracula Mountain" (Load)
No Doctors "Shampoo" (
Drunks with Guns "Hell House" (Chopper)
Antiseen "Positively 4th Street" (Dog Meat)
Monoshock "Nobody Recovery" (Womb)
King Bros. "Rot Now!!!" (Bulb)
Carl Perkins "Put Your Cat Clothes On" (Charly)
Buzzcocks "Time's Up" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Wormdoom "Last Days Boogie" (Twisted Village)
Negative Trend "Black and Red" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Tantrums "108.1" (free103point9)
"free103point9 news report: NAB conference" (free103point9)
Savoy Brown "Train to Nowhere" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Buchanan & Goodman "The Flying Saucer Part 1" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Flaming Lips "One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning" (Ryko/Restless)
Red Krayola "Save the House" (Collectables)
Red Krayola "Victory Garden" (Collectables)
Ziegenbok Kopf "I See Your Bones Break On The Dance Floor" (Toyo)
Ziegenbok Kopf "Dance Floor Enemy" (Toyo)
David Bowie "Aladdin Sane" (Ryko)
Peter Laughner "Baby's On Fire" (Tim/Kerr)
Mindflayer "Drop Bass Not Bombs" (Bulb)
Ikettes "The Biggest Players" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Clean Plate Club "Retail Game" (Mo-Tel)
Metal "[track two, excerpt]" (EF)
Faust "Krautrock" (Caroline)

January 23, 2003
Ultramagnetic M.C.s "Checkin' My Style" (Wild Pitch)
Black Sabbath "Wicked World" (Warner Bros.)
Venom "Venom Radio I.D. One" (Neat Records)
Venom "Black Metal" (Neat Records)
Matt Bua/Matt Mikas/Tom Roe "Of The Bridge" (free103point9)
Reynols "Original Soundtrack to Pythagoras' Theorem" [tracks 1-3] (Semi-Roar)
Velvet Underground "Follow the Leader" (Universal)
Pop Group "Thief of Fire" (Scan)
Grandmaster Flash "Flash Tears The Roof Off" (Strut)
Jungle Brothers "My Jimmy Weighs A Ton" (Warner Bros.)
At this point, new DJ trainee Malkah started rocking the wheels of steel and I kind of quit keeping my second copy of the playlist but she spun some stuff like "Hurricane" by Dylan, "Stage Fright" by The Band, "Wish You Were Here" by Floyd, and other stuff that I don't remember...I do remember while she was busy beat-digging I played a couple other tracks, like:
Sun City Girls "Lord Brown of Due South" (Abduction)
cLOUDDEAD "Number Five #1" (bootleg)
cLOUDDEAD "Number Five #2" (bootleg)

December 24, 2002 (RADIO DADA)
(like the Beach Boys said, "Christmas comes one time each year")
Vince Guaraldi Trio "Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental)" (Fantasy)
Vince Guaraldi Trio "Christmas Time Is Here (vocal)" (Fantasy)
Lee Perry & the Upsetters "Pyon-Anaswa" (Cleopatra)
Prince "Glam Slam" (Paisley Park)
Lee Perry & the Upsetters "Tell Me Something Good" (Cleopatra)
No Neck Blues Band "A Little Piece Of The Sky" (Trademark of Quality)
Flipper "Sex Bomb Baby" (Subterranean)
Nautical Almanac "song" (Hanson)
Nautical Almanac "same old tricks, new licks" (Hanson)
Ernest Tubb "Blue Christmas" (Rhino)
Nautical Almanac/Prince mega-mix
Neon Hunk "Bunny Tails" (Liquid Death/Hello Pussy)
Neon Hunk "Chutney Express" (Liquid Death/Hello Pussy)
Genesis "Return of the Giant Hogweed" (Charisma)
My Name Is Rar Rar "Pickles" (Liquid Death/Hello Pussy)
Incapacitants vs. (In Spite of Flaming Creatures) "A Crap & Dope Faith" (Starlight Furniture Co.)
Black Stool "Babies. Screaming, Dying, Crying." (Freedom From)
The Band "Lonesome Suzie" (Capitol)
Nancy & Lee "Some Velvet Morning" (Reprise)
Vince Guaraldi Trio "My Little Drum" (Fantasy)
Ernest Tubb "White Christmas" (Rhino)
Hawkwind "Space Is Deep" (One Way)
Paul Harrison "The Blonde Arm of the Poor" (Fiend)
Paul Harrison "Bobsleigh and Catstand" (Fiend)
Making Hey! "Introduction/The Fool Matchwork" (self-released LP)
Rush "YYZ" (excerpt) (Mercury)
Giacinto Scelsi "Elegia per Ty" (CDR dub)
Ginger Baker's Air Force "Toad" (excerpt) (Atco)
Ginger Baker's Air Force "Aiko Biaye" (Atco)
Cock ESP "Hatewave" (Blackbean & Placenta/SunShip)
Revolution Compared To What "Go To Work" (Stone's Throw)
Violent Ramp "Grind The Pigs" (Freedom From)
Violent Ramp "Pay To Skate" (Freedom From)
Ron of Japan "[first track on one-sided 7-inch]" (Hanson)
Johnny Cash "Little Drummer Boy" (Rhino)
Black Oak Arkansas "Revolutionary All American Boys" (Atco)
Bob Dylan & the Band "Million Dollar Bash" (Columbia)
T-Rex "Mambo Sun" (Reprise)
Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley "Squares" (Soul Note)
Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley "Epigraphy" (Soul Note)
Bobby Helms "Jingle Bell Rock" (Rhino)
King Tubby "Guidance Dub" (Blood & Fire)
Hawkwind "Brainbox Pollution" (One Way)
Germs "Richie Dagger's Crime" (Rhino/Slash)
Faust "No Harm" (Collector's Choice)
Ernest Tubb "White Christmas" (Rhino)

December 12, 2002
Hawkwind "Silver Machine" (United Artists)
Germs "My Tunnel" (Rhino/Slash)
Lee Scratch Perry & the Upsetters "Crab Yars" (Cleopatra)
Mudhoney "Baby, Can You Dig The Light" (Sub Pop)
Phylyps "Phyiyos" (Basic Channel)
Beachwood Sparks "Hibernation" (Sub Pop)
Comets On Fire "Return To Heaven" (Ba Da Bing)
Wolf Eyes "Rotten Tropics" (Troubleman Unlimited)
Eyvind Kang "Heads On Red Lakes Return" (Abduction)
Sonic Youth "Sweet Shine" (DGC)
Queen "In The Lap Of The Gods" (Elektra)
Birth Control "Just Before The Sun Will Rise" (Ohr/Think Progressive)
Badoo/King Tubby "Rockin' of the 10,000"/"Dubbin' of the 10,000" (Motion)
Nancy & Lee "Some Velvet Morning" (Reprise)
Youth Brigade "Full Force" (Hyped 2 Death)
Willful Neglect "Outa My Mind" (Hyped 2 Death)
Reagan Youth "New Aryans" (Hyped 2 Death)
Worst "Go To Hell" (Hyped 2 Death)
Sluts "I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend" (Hyped 2 Death)
T-Rex "Mambo Sun" (Reprise)
Simply Saucer "Illegal Bodies" (Mole Sound)

November 28, 2002

Sun City Girls "CCC" (Locust)
MX-80 "You Turn Me On" (Atavistic)
Burger/Ink "Love Is The Drug (Paris Texas)" (Matador)
Big Star "Thank You Friends" (Dojo)
The Black Vial "The Ship" (self-released?)
Bob Dylan "Day of the Locusts" (Columbia)
Shuggie Otis "Aht Uh Mi Hed" (Luaka Bop)
Sly & The Family Stone "Poet" (Epic)
Happy Supply "Tara's Spooky Song" (Dutch Courage/Gifted)
Happy Supply "Camera Song" (Dutch Courage/Gifted)
Liars "Everyday Is A Child With Teeth" (Mute/Blast First)
Flying Luttenbachers "Infektion" (Troubleman Unlimited)
Flaming Lips "Lucifer Rising" (Ryko/Restless)
Flaming Lips "Take Me Ta Mars" (Ryko/Restless)
Rammelzee vs. K-Rob "Beat Bop" (Tartown Record Co.)
The Girls "Please Don't Be Weird" (Abaton Book Co.)
The Girls "Cubist Grid" (Abaton Book Co.)
Sun City Girls "Baked Asterisk" (Abduction)
Ernst Karel "Until" (C.I.P.)
Pod Blatz "Foam + Webs" (C.I.P.)
Zombi "Hands Into Bees" (C.I.P.)
Mammal "Sloth Armor" (C.I.P.)
Six Organs of Admittance "Sum of all Heaven" (Pavilion)
Nico "Nibelungen" (Elektra)

November 14, 2002
Queen "Brighton Rock" (Elektra)
Electric Eels "Accident" (Scat)
Brian McMahon "Wonder Of The World" (Crab Pot)
Gentleman John Battles "Witch Doctor" (Roctober)
Bloodshot Bill "Baby's Dead" (Roctober)
Gary Pig Gold "Cake On My Pants, Baby" (Roctober)
Mayor MCCA "I'm So Fat/I'm So Skinny" (Roctober)
Ski-Mask and The Bucket Men "Synthesize Her" (Roctober)
Bob Dylan "I Shall Be Released" (Columbia)
Bob Dylan "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" (Columbia)
Noxagt "Digipakk" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
Allun "Miniature" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
Inca Eyeball "Woodbines (Live)" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
Reynols "Quito Plasno 1960 (Single Version)" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
Big Whiskey "Assassination Attempt" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
Charalambides "Trainsong" (Blackbean & Placenta 260)
The Clash "Police On My Back" (Epic)
The Clash "Version City" (Epic)
Suburban Decay "Muerto El Mundo" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
No Response "Plastics" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Accelerators "Reaganland" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Accelerators "Get Her Off My Mind" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Detention "El Salvador" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
White Flag "White Flag" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Corrupted Service "Blitzkrieg" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Corrupted Service "Search & Destroy" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Unexpected "Everyday is Monday" (Borderless Countries Tapes / Schizophrenic / Enterruption)
Hanatarash "God-Noise-God" (RRR)
Ruins "Black Sabbath Medley Reversible" (Ipecac)
Ruins "Mahavishnu Orchestra Medley" (Ipecac)
Twisted Sister "I Wanna Rock" (Atlantic)
Twisted Sister "The Price" (Atlantic)
The Maytals "Sweet and Dandy" (Mango)
Yoko Ono "Why" (Apple)
Yoko Ono "Why Not" (Apple)

October 31, 2002

Sightings "Chili Dog" (Psycho-Path)
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" (Warner Bros.)
Jandek "First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely" (Corwood Industries)
The Shaggs "It's Halloween" (Rounder)
Immortal "Withstand The Fall Of Time" (Osmose)
Alice Cooper "Devil's Food" (Atlantic)
Alice Cooper "The Black Widow" (Atlantic)
The Menstruation Sisters "Silver Spring" (Menlo Park)
Monotrona "Ah, Enemy" (Menlo Park)
The Sonics "The Witch" (First American)
The Sonics "Psycho" (First American)
Black Dice "Big Drop" (DFA)
Wolf Eyes "WCBN 2/8/2000" [first 10 minutes] (Public Eyesore)
45 Grave "La Tomba" (Enigma)
Emperor "Into The Infinity Of Thoughts" (Candlelight)
Magma "De Futura" (Tomato)

October 16, 2002
Kraftwerk "Geiger Counter" (EMI)
Kraftwerk "Radioactivity" (EMI)
The Urinals "I'm A Bug" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Paris 1942 "Paris 1942" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
The Meat Puppets "Foreign Lawns" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Neil Young & Devo "Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Sonny Sharrock "Black Woman" (4 Men With Beards)
Yoko Ono "Why Not" (Apple)
Bob Dylan & The Band "Tiny Montgomery" (Columbia)
Bob Dylan & The Band "Goin' to Acapulco" (Columbia)
No Doctors "Jailbreak" (Freedom From)
AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" (Atco)
Leather Nun "F.F.A." (Wire Records) (request)
The Fall "Fit And Working Again" (Rough Trade)
The Fall "Slags, Slates, Etc." (Rough Trade)
Jandek "I'll Sit Alone And Think A Lot About You" (Corwood)
Mythos "Encyclopedia Terra Part 2" (Ohr/Spalax)
Jobriath "Heartbeat" (Elektra/Asylum)
Pat Benatar "Shadows Of The Night" (Chrysalis)
Soundtracks & Head "Ghost Train" (Rough Trade)
Nandor Nevai "Fuck Tha Musical Instruments!" (Flemish Masters)
Wolf Eyes "[untitled]" (Surefire Distribution Sampler)
The Upsetters "In The Iaah" (Trojan)
David Isaacs "We Are Neighbors" (Trojan)
The Upsetters "Soul Man" (Trojan)
Horace Andy "Eating Mess" (Surefire Distribution Sampler)
Cactus "One Way...Or Another" (Atco)
Bert Jansch "M'Lady Nancy" (Reprise)
Big Black "He's A Whore" (Touch & Go)
Yoko Ono "Aos" (Apple)
Royal Trux "The Boxing Story" (Drag City)

September 25th, 2002
Kraftwerk "Computer Love" (Elektra/Asylum)
Bob Dylan "Keep It With Mine (instrumental)" (Spank)
Bob Dylan "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" (Spank)
Parliament "(You're A Fish And I'm A) Water Sign" (PolyGram)
A Certain Ratio "Gum" (Soul Jazz)
A Certain Ratio "Life's A Scream" (Soul Jazz)
Parson Sound "Tio Minuter" (Subliminal Sounds)
Tyrannosaurus Rex "Hot Rod Mama" (A&M)
Tyrannosaurus Rex "Scenesof" (A&M)
Tyrannosaurus Rex "Child Star" (A&M)
Pavement "Range Life" (Matador)
Loscil "Hydrogen" (Kranky)
Ghost "Hanmiyou" (Drag City)
To Live and Shave in L.A. ""Long Reach" Composite" (Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals)
To Live and Shave in L.A. "Pictures at an Exhibition" (Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals)
The Wipers "Youth of America" (Zeno)
Oxes "Boss Kitty" (Monitor)
90 Day Men "Last night a D.J. saved my life" (Southern)
Kid 606 "You Just Don't Understand" (Tigerbeat 6)
The Vaselines "Son of a Gun" (Only)
The Left Banke "Shadows Breaking Over My Head" (PolyGram)
Swearing At Motorists "Over the Middle Bridge" (Secretly Canadian)
Beach Boys "Heroes and Villians (alt. version)" (---)
Wolf Eyes "Half Animal, Half Insane" (Bulb/Hanson/American)
Stretchheads "Afganistan Bananastan" (CD-R dub, no label info)
The Dead C "Trust" (Siltbreeze)
The Dead C "I-You-Love-It" (Siltbreeze)
The Dead C "Blind" (Siltbreeze)
The Dead C "River of Lethia" (Siltbreeze) (a/k/a side one of The Dead C vs. Sebadoh 7-inch)
The Upsetters "Kentucky Skank" (Trojan)
Heldon "Marie Virginie C." (Cuneiform)
Royal Trux "Domo Des Burros (Two Sticks)" (Drag City)

September 11th, 2002
Todd Rundgren "International Feel" (Bearsville)
The Dead C "Helen" (Shock)
The Dead C "Abschied" (Shock)
The Dead C "Communication with Heaven" (Shock)
J.K. & Co. "Break of Dawn/Fly" (Akarma)
Judas Priest "Tyrant" (Janus)
Judas Priest "The Hellion/Electric Eye" (Columbia)
Todd Rundgren "Is It My Name?" (Bearsville)
To Live and Shave in L.A. "For Your Pleasure" (Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals)
African Roots "Feel It Dub" (Wackie's)
Sonic Youth "Rain on Tin" (DGC)
Screamers "Punish Or Be Damned" (Extravertigo/Xeroid)
Montrose "Bad Motor Scooter" (Warner Bros.)
Richard Youngs "Soon It Will Be Fire" (Oblique)
Love "Andmoreagain" (Elektra)
Too Short "Short Dog's In The House (clean version)" (BMG)
Jungle Brothers "Spittin Wicked Randomness" (Warner Bros.)
Beach Boys "Wind Chimes (alt. version)" (complete Smile sessions?)
Beach Boys "Surf's Up" (complete Smile sessions?)
Magas "Shakedown" (Ersatz Audio)
Tommie Sunshine "Runway Runaway" (Ersatz Audio)
Prefuse 73 "It Never Entered" (Warp)
Left Banke "Lazy Day" (Nippon Phonogram)
Billy Nicholls "Life Is Short" (Southwest)
The Mosquitos "Bar Band" (self-released)
Soul Junk "Wax Presidential" (Insound)
Danielson Familie "Lord's Rest" (Insound)
Electric Eels "Bunnies" (Scat)
Nico "It Was A Pleasure Then" (Polydor)
The Coolies "Waste of Time" (Kill Rock Stars)
The Supreme Indifference "Make-in-communication" (Kill Rock Stars)
The Aislers Set "Through the Swells" (Kill Rock Stars)
Comet Gain "Look At You Now, You're Crying" (Kill Rock Stars)
25 Suaves "Party Disease" (Bulb)
The Dead C "Angel" (Drag City)
Alistair Galbraith/Graeme Jefferies "Bravely Bravely" (Drag City)
The Suntanama "Whippoorwill" (Drag City)
Brother J.T. "S.O.S." (self-released?)
Cows "Orphan's Tragedy" (Amphetamine Reptile)
Cows "Allergic to Myself" (Amphetamine Reptile)

August 14th, 2002
Ron House "My Heart" (Moses Carryout)
Ornette Coleman "European Echoes" (Verve/Harmolodic)
Aislers Set "Friends of the Heroes" (Slumberland)
Pat Kelly "How Long Dub" (Blood and Fire)
Lightning Bolt "And Beyond" (Load)
Brujeria "Grito de los Soldados Poseidos" (Alternative Tentacles)
Hot Tuna "John's Other" (RCA Victor)
Hot Tuna "Candy Man" (RCA Victor)
Soul Center "Time" (Novamute)
Deviants "Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao" (Stable Records)
Deviants "Slum Lord" (Stable Records)
Cambodian Rocks "[track 13 a/k/a "Gloria"]" (Parallel World)
Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble "Flue Song" (Carbon)
James Chance & the Contortions "Melt Yourself Down" (ROIR)
Lotus "[track 25 on Lotus In Garbage Out]" (Breathmint/Freedom From/SunShip/Ignivomous)
Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC's (wid gatz) "Monster Manual" (Load)
Phuture "Slam!" (Trax)
The Slits "Earthbeat and Earthdub" (Epic)
Aislers Set "Clouds Will Clear" (Suicide Squeeze)
Danse Asshole "Lazers" (Breathmint)
Brujeria "El Patron" (Alternative Tentacles)
Duotron "ah-tata-kaka-she-wa-hito-no, etc!" (Scratch)
Flying Burrito Brothers "Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise) (A&M)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft "[tracks 1-4 of Produkt Der...] (Mute)
Left Banke "Walk Away Renee": (Nippon Phonogram)
Beach Boys "Heroes and Villains (alternate take)" (Capitol)
Beach Boys "Good Vibrations (various sessions)" (Capitol)
Hawkwind "Brainstorm" (United Artists)
Hawkwind "Space is Deep" (United Artists)

July 31st , 2002
Heldon "Stand By" (Cuneiform)
Men's Recovery Project "Working for the Mossad" (Load)
Dom "Weird Boy" (Black to Comm)
The Fall "Slates, Slags, Etc." (Rough Trade)
Tangerine Dream "Journey Through A Burning Brain" (?)
Black Flag "Scream" (SST)
A Certain Ratio "Knife Slits Water" (Soul Jazz)
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band "Peon" (Bizarre/Straight)
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band l "Bellerin' Plain" (Bizarre/Straight)
Lightning Bolt "Fleeing the Valley of Whirling Knives" (Load)
Guns, Books & Tools "Would You Rather?" (CO2)
Soul Center "Time" (Novamute)
Television "Careful" (Chicago Medical Society)
Television "Double Exposure" (Chicago Medical Society)
Television "Hard On Love" (Chicago Medical Society)
Sun City Girls "Bustin' up MOGOK" (Abduction)
Charalambides "Zodiac Speaking" (Wholly Other)
No Doctors "The Quarry" (Freedom From)
Ceramic Hobs "The Prowler" (Pumf)
Cambodian Rocks "[first track]" (Parallel World)
Sun City Girls "NARCOLODIC" (Abduction)
Robert Wyatt "Moon in June" (CBS)

July 17th, 2002
Mammal "Fog Face" (Scratch 'n' Sniff)
George Clinton "Loopzilla" (Capitol)
The Godz "Ruby Red" (ESP/ZYX)
Ceramic Hobs "Amateur Cops" (Giardia)
Danse Asshole "Fist Fight" (Breathmint)
Danse Asshole "DX Danse Brigade" (Breathmint)
Donovan w/Jeff Beck Group "Goo Goo Barbajagal (Love Is Hot)" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Bob Seger & the Lost Heard "Persecution Smith" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Bob Seger & the Lost Heard "Heavy Music (Part One)" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Fog "Pneumonia" (Zen)
Don Cherry "Brown Rice" (A&M)
Urinals "Black Hole" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Urinals "Sex" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Urinals "Go Away Girl" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band "Action Strasse" (Vertigo)
Menstruation Sisters "Footprint" (Menlo Park)
Menstruation Sisters "Bang Boong" (Menlo Park)
Hawkwind "You Shouldn't Do That" (United Artists)
Orthrelm "[track one]" (Tolotta)
Bad Medicine "Trespasser" (Stones Throw)
Robert Wyatt "Sea Song" (Virgin)
Rhythm Machine "The Kick" (Stones Throw)
Link Wray "Jack the Ripper" (Hangman)
Robert Wyatt "Las Vegas Tango (Part I)" (CBS)
Prince "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)" (Warner Bros.)
Pink Fairies "The Snake" (Get Back!)
Yellow Magic Orchestra "Pure Jam" (Alfa)
Huun Huur Tu "Sygyt: Lament of the Igil" (Shanachie)
Television "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (live bootleg)
Hella "Brown Metal" (5RC)
Bill Orcutt "Communique" (Audible Hiss)
Comet Gain "I Close My Eyes To Think Of God" (Kill Rock Stars)
Junior Murvin & Dillinger "Roots Train" (Island Jamaica)
Neil Michael Hagerty "I Found A Stranger" (Drag City)

July 3rd, 2002
Jean Street "[track two]" (Hanson 080)
Amon Duul 2 "Soap Shop Rock"
Ex-Models "It's On Television" (Ace Fu)
Foghat "Honey Hush" (live bootleg)
Nico "The Fairest of the Seasons" (Polydor)
Soul Center "Funky Sterling" (Novamute)
Saturday Looks Good To Me "I Would Find It So Beautiful" (Ypsilanti)
Left Banke "Let Go Of You Girl" (Nippon Phonogram)
Duvet Cover "Promiscuous from all nations, Jew or Greek or Barbarous" (Breathmint)
Anton Maiden "Aces High" (Nihilism)
Mystic Moods Orchestra "Cosmic Sea" (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
The Urinals "Go Away Girl" (Slippytown Hiss Parade)
Major Stars "Apples to Grapes" (Twisted Village)
The Fall "Mr. Pharmacist" (Big Time)
The Fall "Dice Man" (Faulty Products)
The Fall "Psykick Dancehall" (Faulty Products)
Main Ingredient "Instant Love" (RCA)
Wolf Eyes w/Spykes "[track two]" (Hanson 078)
The Radiants "Hold On" (Chess)
Edward Hazelton "Mocking the Train, Mocking the Dogs" (Takoma)
The Marathons "Peanut Butter" (Chess)
Eddie "One-String" Jones "Rolling and Tumbling Blues" (Takoma)
Fantomas Melvins Big Band "Night Goat" (Ipecac)
??? "[track eight of Cambodian Rocks, V/A]" (Parallel World)
Sightings "45 on the Back" (Load)
Popol Vuh "Dort Ist Der Weg" (Tempel/Spalax)
Dan Paulin feat. Siggi Schwab "Sugar Cane" (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
Poptart "Manic Monday" (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
C.O.B. "Sweet Slavery"
Laundryroom Squelchers "10 mon - Cleveland OH Speak in Tongues" (
Darkthrone "Ravishing Grimness"
Areski/Brigitte Fontaine "il pleut sur la gare" (Get Back!)
Areski/Brigitte Fontaine "declaration de sinistre" (Get Back!)
Spoonie Gee meets The Sequence "Monster Jam" (Sugarhill)

June 19, 2002
Sparks "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us" (Chrysalis)
Sparks "Amateur Hour" (Chrysalis)
Sun City Girls "Journey to the Center of the Mind" (Abduction)
Sun City Girls "Instantaneous Decisions" (Abduction)
No Doctors "[track three]" (Freedom From?)
Ae "Keynell remixed by Ae" (Skam)
Rocket from the Tombs "Raw Power" (Smog Veil)
Rocket from the Tombs "So Cold" (Smog Veil)
Raymond Pettibon w/Supersession "Ricky's Pickle" (Blast First)
Condeucent "CDC Theme" (Condeucent Entertainment Group)
Neil Michael Hagerty "Kali, the Carpenter" (Drag City)
MC5 "Borderline" (Total Energy)
A Certain Ratio "Gum" (Soul Jazz)
The Rapture "House of Jealous Lovers" (DFA)
Comet Gain "Another Weekend" (Soul Static Sound)
Comet Gain "Ipcress Time" (Soul Static Sound)
Phil Manzanera "Frontera" (Atco)
No Neck Blues Band "Letters from the Serth" (Ser/S@1)
Kiss "Dark Light"
Ace Frehley "Wiped Out" (Casablanca)
Bathory "Sacrifice" (Black Mark)
Bathory "Revelation of Doom" (Rough Trade)
Bathory "Total Destruction" (Rough Trade)
To Live and Shave in L.A. "Nor Swollen-Bellied Comet Blown" (Menlo Park)
To Live and Shave in L.A. "Bled into Minar Thirty-Aught" (Menlo Park)

To Live and Shave in L.A. "Vest Pants and Denim" (Western Blot)
Bassholes "T.N.K." (Polydor)
Phil Manzanera "Ritmo de Los Angeles" (E.G.)
Bright Eyes "We Are Free Men" (Saddle Creek)
SYPH "Euroton" (Captain Trip)
SYPH "Einsam In Wien (Lustlos)" (Captain Trip)
Erase Errata "A Passion For Acting" (Inconvenient)
Menstruation Sisters "Silver Spring" (Menlo Park)
Olneyville Sound System "Not Feelin' 2 Good" (Load)
Sun City Girls "Amazon One" (Majora)
Sun City Girls "Space Prophet Dogon" (Majora)

May 28th, 2002 (RADIO DADA)
Monotract "[first two tracks on one of the two unlabeled sides]" (White Tapes)
Schlammpeitziger "Spacerokkmountainrutsch" (A-Muzik)
Otha Turner & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band "Shimmy She Wobble" (track one) (Birdman)
Mammal "Keep it live in 85" (Animal Disguise)
Grand Wizard Theodore & Kevie Kev Rockwell "Military Cut-Scratch Mix" (Animal)
Pop Group "Forces of Oppression" (Rough Trade)
Pop Group "Feed the Hungry" (Rough Trade)
Jass Halos "Bye Ella" (self-released)
Jean Street "[track one]" (Hanson)
A. Ra "Sign of the Times" (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Sunship "Orgasm" (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Mekons "Never Been In A Riot" (Rough Trade)
Nightcrawlerz "The Novel" (End is Here)
Nightcrawlerz "I'm Not Iggy Pop" (End is Here)
Otha Turner & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band "Shimmy She Wobble" (track five) (Birdman)
??? "???" (???)
François Dufrêne "Crirhythme" (Recorthings)
Expose Your Eyes "New Track" (Fiend)
Mortician "Skin Peeler" (Innerstate/London)
Six Organs of Admittance "Resurrection" (Time-Lag)
Handful of Dust "Squeesing Parson Foster's Sponge" (Corpus Hermeticum)
Andrew Wilkes-Krier "[his appearance on the Labyrinths & Jokes LP]" (Hanson)
Andrew W.K. "Got To Do It" (Island)
The Mini-Systems "[their appearance on the Labyrinths & Jokes LP]" (Hanson)
JDP Trio "2/21/95 #2" (Tedium House/Bananafish 16)
JDP Trio "2/21/95 #16" (Tedium House/Bananafish 16)
Joseph Jarman & David Fenton "Great Black Music" (End is Here!)
Otha Turner & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band "My Babe" (Birdman)
Beast People "[their appearance on the Labyrinths & Jokes LP]" (Hanson) MIXED WITH
John Sinclair et al "[various spoken word tracks from the Music is Revolution CD]" (End is Here)
Arthur Doyle "Flue Song" (Carbon Records)
Donald the Nut "Gong Show Appearance #1" (Tedium House)
Strength Through Joy "I'm a Clit" (Tedium House)
Donald the Nut "Gong Show Appearance #2" (Tedium House)
Three Day Stubble "Gothic Beavo Lady" (Tedium House)
Donald the Nut "Gong Show Appearances #3 and #4" (Tedium House)
MEGA MIX: Venom on-stage banter (Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God)
vs. Profanatica on-stage banter (Audio Galaxy mp3)

April 18th, 2002
Royal Trux "Back To School" (Drag City)
No Doctors "[track three]" (Freedom From radio promo)
Mammal "Keep it live in 85" (Animal Disguise)
Detroit Sex Machines "Rap it Together" (Soul Fire)
Central Falls "Latitude" (Truckstop)
Simon Joyner & The Fallen Men "Janet Says" (Wee Black Shelf)
The Fall "Paintwork" (JVC)
Thin Lizzy "She Knows" (Vertigo)
Neil Michael Hagerty "Know That" (Drag City)
Monster Island "Lost Souls" (End is Here)
The Dishes "The House on Custer Street" (No. 89)
Convocation Of... "Crimson King's Deceit" (Tiger Style)
Fu Manchu "Anodizer" (Mammoth)
Cex "Furcoat" (Tigerbeat 6)
Daedelus "Exp." (Tigerbeat 6)
The Bionaut "Der Kurze Weg" (Matador)
Carly Ptak "You're Your Yore" (Here See)
Suzanne Langille/Loren Mazzacane Connors "Motherless Child" (Secretly Canadian)
Azalia Snail "Breaker Mortar" (Dark Beloved Cloud)
International Harvester "I Mourn You" (Silence)
Monster Island "Dream Tiger" (End is Here)
Curtains "Call to the Pilots" (Thinwrist)
Curtains "Middle World" (Thinwrist)
Dead C "Outside" (Siltbreeze)

April 4th, 2002
Suzanne Langille/Loren Mazzacane Connors "Wee Wee Hours" (Secretly Canadian)
Shizuka "[track 11 from Tokyo Flashback 3]" (PSF)
Neil Michael Hagerty "Rockslide" (Drag City)
Brother JT3 "Praise Be" (Drag City)
Death Beam "[track four]" (Freedom From radio promo)
Can "One More Night" (Spoon/Mute)
Sonic Youth "Fauxhemians" (LATP)
Currituck County "Lie Beside Me" (Teenbeat)
Royal Trux "The United States vs. One 1974 Cadillac El Dorado Sedan" (Drag City)
Plastic Crimewave & The Fake "The Decadent Streak" (radio promo)
Happy Go Licky "Brigham Young" (Peterbilt/Dischord)
Ghost "Soma" (Drag City)

March 19th, 2002
Prince "Dirty Mind" (Warner Bros.)
25 Suaves "[side one of Students Abroad 7-inch]" (Bulb)
Giuseppi Logan Quartet "Tabla Suite" (ESP/Calibre)
Tony Williams Lifetime "Beyond Games" (Polydor)
Bob Dylan "All the Tired Horses" (Columbia)
Bob Dylan "The Boxer" (Columbia)
Mirror/Dash "Electric Pen" (Ecstatic Peace!)
Prince Paul "You Made Me (A.K.C.)" (Wordsound)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell "Journey of Turtles" (Paradigm)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell "Pre-Transformation of Turtle to Bird" (Paradigm)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell "Nocturnal" (Paradigm)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell "Fly by Night" (Paradigm)
ABCs "Luni 3" (Troubleman Unlimited)
Davey Williams/John Corbett "In Memoriam: T.P. Fardworthy"(Atavistic)
Pink Floyd "A Pillow of Winds" (Harvest)
Nick Gilder "Backstreet Noise" (Chrysalis)
Dead C "Load Segment" (LATP)
Whitehouse "On Top" (Susan Lawly)
Ashtray Navigations "REEL" (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers/Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club/Rhizome)
Apollonia 6 "Sex Shooter" (Warner Bros.)
Transmission "No Direction/Black" (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz "Tapes" (PSF)

February 8th 2002
Roesing Ape "track three" (Dronedisco)
Pentax "Pentax People" (Kompakt)
Jurgen Paape "Reval" (Kompakt)
Elite "My Confusion" (Crypt)
JuJus "Do You Understand Me?" (Crypt)
Alarm Clocks "Yeah" (Crypt)
Alarm Clocks "No Reason To Complain" (Crypt)
Sun City Girls "The Court Magicians of Agharta" (Majora)
Roxy Music "Do The Strand" (Atco)
Woodland Fruits "Fishtown High" (Nice Pooper)
Heldon "Prospective IV Ter Muco" (Cuneiform)
ESG "You're No Good" (99)
ESG "Moody" (99)
ESG "UFO" (99)
Elvis Hitler "Elvis' Ripoff Theme" (Wang Head)
Elvis Hitler "Live Fast, Die Young" (Wang Head)   (Elvis Hitler by listener request.)
Royal Trux "Jet Pet" (Drag City)
Royal Trux "Stevie" (Drag City)
Istanbul Erkek Lisesi "In The Deepings" (Grey Past)
Mavi Isiklar "The Great Airplane Strike of 1967" (Grey Past)
Soupy Sales "White Fang in Chicago" (MCA)
Kevin Drumm "I like the idea of a power trio where..." (Boxmedia)
Prince Paul featuring De La Soul "More Than U Know" (Tommy Boy)
Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry "Prayer" (A&M)

October 15th, 2001
(first Chicago show)

Pink Fairies "Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box" (Total Energy)
Pink Fairies "The Sparrow Is A Sign" (Total Energy)
Pink Fairies "The Snake" (Total Energy)
Huggy Bear "Dissthentic Penetration" (Kill Rock Stars)
Huggy Bear "Sizzle Meet" (Kill Rock Stars)
The Staple Singers "Uncloudy Day" (Vee-Jay)
Wolf Eyes "Burn Your House Down" (American Tapes/Hanson)
Wolf Eyes "Desert of Glue/Wretched Hog" (American Tapes/Hanson)
The Seeds "Introduction/Mr. Farmer" (GNP Crescendo)
Cows "Divorcee' Moore" (Amphetamine Reptile)
Can "Pinch" (Spoon)
Ceramic Hobs "Amplified Sorrow" (Pumf/Mental Guru)
Ceramic Hobs "Meeting the Summertime" (Pumf/Mental Guru)
Reynols "[backwards 9]" (Freedom From)
Jack Mudurian "Downloading the Repertoire" (Which? Records)
Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn "Stout-Hearted Men" (Which? Records)
B.J. Snowden "In Canada" (Which? Records)
Eilert Pilarm "Jailhouse Rock" (Which? Records)
Daniel Johnston "Walking the Cow" (Which? Records)
Merthiolate "Merthiolate [excerpt]" (Last Visible Dog)
Dead C "Children" (Flying Nun)
Flying Luttenbachers "Destruktion Ritual" (Perverted Son)
Orthrelm "[tracks one and two]" (Tolotta)
Magma "Hortz Fur Dehn Stekehn West" (A&M)
Magma "Ima Suri Dondai" (A&M