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Monday, October 18, 2004
10 PM - 1AM

..fuck alla y'all...

Guru Guru   Space Ship
YOB   Ball of Molten Lead
Steven Wray Lobdell   Live at Club Donut (excrpt)
Prurient   I Lay Down on the Ground in the Woods & Fall Asleep

Electric Prunes   The Great Banana Hoax
Magical Power Mako   Open the Morning Window.The Sunshine Comes In.The Hope of Today is Small Bird Singing
Lugubrum   Dust Binst Drinken
Keith Hartley Band   The Time is Near

Sensational Alex Harvey Band   Isobel Goudie
Mastadon   Seabeast
Mammal   track 7 Fog III
Siege   Grim Reaper
Zbigniew Karkowski   amazonas
Morgen   Of Dreams
Rip Rig and Panic   Intimacy, Just Gently Shimmer
John Simon   Motorcycle Man

Monoshock   Change That Riff
Thundertrain   Readin Riotin Rock n Roll
Wolf Eyes   Ancient Delay
Sadistic Grimness   Third World War
Budgie   Breadfan
Cathedral   Cosmic Funeral
Jimmy Campbell   In My Room

Dick Heckstall-Smith   The Pirate's Dream
Monkees   Someday Man
Notekillers   Roll Over Stockhausen
Philwit & Pegasus   My What a Lovely Day It's Been
Michael Gibbs   Throb
Claudine Longet   Wanderlove
Cambodian Cassette Archives   (unknown)
U Roy & Tommy Mc Cook & the Supersonics   Behold
U Roy & Paragons   Happy Go Lucky Girl

do it again next week... Mon Oct 25th 10pm-1am.. .. 103.3fm Princeton


welcome to roktober, kids...

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Monday, October 11, 2004
11:00 to 14:00

Wolfgang Dauner Quintet   Take Off Your Clothes To Feel the Setting Sun
King Stitt & Andy Cap   Herbsman Shuffle
Monoshock   Psychedlic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)
Monoshock   Primitive Zippo
Spooky Tooth   Waitin for the Wind
Crebain   Sorrow of the Ancients
Sadistic Mika Band   Black Ship
Pacific Sound   Gates of Hell
Gary Wilson   Gary Saw Linda Kissing Frank Instr
Growing   Onement
Jean Guerin   Triptik 2
Rinusworks   Nietzche's Telephone Number
FeMail / Lasse Marhaug   Here's That Rainy Day, Sid Vicious' Last Grunt
Twink   Mexican Grass War
Vivien Goldman   P.A. Dub
Peanut   Waiting for the Day
Vampire Belt   The Straight Horn of Vampire Belt
Napalm Death   Messiah
Bizarre Uproar   M3A1 Sub-machine
Slugfuckers   Deaf Dub
Family   Second Generation Woman
Axemen   Woman of Love
John McLaughlin   Marbles
Peter Ivers Band with Yolande Bavan   Tobacco
Peter Ivers Band with Yolande Bavan   Lord God Love
Strawbs   Queen of Dreams
Blossom Toe   Peace Lovin Man
Al Kooper   New York City (You're a Woman)
Nightcrawlerz   The Novel
Galt MacDermot   Cambodia
Sound of Feeling   Along Came Sam

will be on for the next two Mondays inna row 10pm-1am
10/18 & 10/25 103.3fm Princey-town NJ

sleepy go lie down now...


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Monday, September 27, 2004
11:00 to 14:00

Limbus 4   Kundalini
Diagram A   track 2 New England
Tarantula Hawk   Untitled
Electronic Hole   The Golden Hour
Tim Rose   (You've Got To) Hide Your Love Away
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express   Dragon Song

Electric Wizard   We Live
New Carrollton   track 2 NC17
Anna Planeta   Jonas Serpe, Ni Cebra, Ni Mula, Pelideceieron al Morir
Sparks   Beaver O'Lindy
Zolar-X   I Pulled My Helmet Off (I'm Going to Love Her)
Simply Saucer   Dance the Mutation

Aphrodite's Child   The Grass Is No Green
2673   Future Pills
Bread Love and Dreams   Butterflyland
Asunder   A Clarion Call
Blood Stereo   Live at Sonic Protest

Monoshock   Hawkwind Show
Cream   Wrapping Paper
Cambodian Cassette Archives   unknown 'metal'
Pussy   The Open Ground
Von   Watain
Dark   Maypole
Adrian Pride   Her Name is Melody
McDonald & Giles   Flight of the Iris
Axolotl   track #7

next thyme= 10.11.04 10pm-1am USA EST 103,3FM Prinstone NJ


Ficken Sie ab Geräuschmusik ewig...

end of all radio
with Don
Monday, September 13, 2004
11:00 to 14:00

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel  Cavaliers
Zolar X  Parallel Galaxy
Jack Nitzsche  Baha
Cressida  Munich

African Head Charge  Crocodile Shoes
To Live & Shave in L.A  Song of Roland a Single Crokscrew Curl
Mick Ronson  Only After Dark
A Certain Ratio  Lucinda
Camel  Freefall
Larry Coryell  l Lady Coryell
P.F. Sloan  Lollipop Train (You Never Had It So Good)
Gary Wilson  Hold Back the Daylight

Brosclmaschine  Gcdanken
Gates of Eden  No One Was There (Requiem)
Radio India  Glass Music
Lee Perry  Yakety Yak
Rip Rig & Panic  Those Eskimo Women Speak Frankly
Cochise  59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy)
Damian  Coming

J.K. & Co.  Nobody
Freeborne  Land of Diana
Sparks  Under the Table With Her
Sensational Alex Harvey Band  Sargeant Fury
Taste  Eat My Words
Red Krayola  Wives in Orbit
Ballroom Baby  Please Don't Go
Einsturzende Neubaten  Tan-Ze-Dub
Kevin Coyne/Dagmar Krause  Come Down Here

Terje Jesper  och Joachim If I Needed Someone
Peter Hammill  Birthday Special
Prince Far I  Barber Salon
Genesis  IT
Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa  Zauberhaft Schone Inseln

next thyme= 09.27.04 10pm-2am WPRB 103.3fm P-ton,NJ /

we survive another semester!

'are you old like me??..'.. call-in listener after I play'd the Camel track...


Here she is.. again..

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Monday, August 16, 2004
11:00 to 14:00

Air Conditioning   Baby With a Graphite Soft Spot/Smooth Branches
Kevin Drumm   Brassy
Abruptum   Gehennae Perpetuae Cruciatus
Luc Ferrari   Mer D'eze, France, Septmber 2001
Melvins/Lustmord   Pigs of the Roman Empire
Renaissance   Bullet
Simon Finn   The Courtyard
Yoko Ono   Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carraige All Over the City
Sadistik Execution   The Electrik Funeral
Jerry Goldsmith   The Demise of Mrs Baylock
Gate   Ives
Radio India   India's Sound Museum of Oddities
Daniel Menche   track 2 Eye on the Steel
Enos Slaughter   Tuol Sleng
The Galens   Chinese Lanterns
Finkbeiner   Marcellinus's Voice
Keith Hudson   Trust & Believe/In I Dub
Norbert Moslang   c12 Lat_nc
The Deep   It's All a Part Of Me
Leviathan   Mouth Orafice Bizarre
Phil Lynott   Girls
Cat Hope Mindimi Trek

next thyme= 08.30,04 22:00-0100.. USA-EST... later-- DRx

.. never get outta the boat..

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Monday, August 2, 2004
11:00 to 14:00

Flower Travellin Band   Satori Part One
Pengo   Towers in the Static
Abruptum   Dodsapparten
Radio India   Radio Calcutta #2

Climax Golden Twins   Im a Comin Lord I'm a Comin
Corrupted   Sus Futuros
Air Conditioning   Welcome to Seaworld/Championship Rings
Quicksilver Messenger Service   Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Honey Ltd.   The Warrior
Gert-Jan Prins   Risk sections 5-7
Hair Police   Obedience Cuts

Pete Brown & Piblokto!   High Flying Bird
Axel Doerner / Greg Kelley / Andrea Neumann / Bhob Rainey   track 3 Thanks Cash The Ballroom Spinning Spinning Spinning
Witchcraft   Her Sisters They Were Weak
Coil   Bee Stings
Studio One Dub   Sky Rhythm

Wolf Eyes   Reaper's Gong/Village Oblivia
Esoteric   The Blood of the Eyes
Thin Lizzy   Buffalo Gals
The Sun Also Rises   Tales of Jasmine and Suicide
Xasthur   A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
Blues Image   Ride Captain Ride
Harry Pussy   Ride a Dove (excerpt)

..drum lost... .. drum found..

next thyme WPRB 103.3 fm n-jersey /
August 16th 2004 10pm--1am


end of all radio
Monday, July 19, 2004
10pm - 1am

Gamelan of Central Java   Gending Carabalen
Religious Knives   Dog Tongue Suite II
Don Robertson   Gateless Gate/When?
Oren Ambarchi   Girl With the Silver Eyes
Michael Chapman   Aviator
Sunn 0)))   BassAliens
Group Image   A Way to Love You All the Time
Hototogisu   disc 1/track 3 Ghosts From the Sun
The One   Thou Art None
Bobby Beausoleil   Part V Lucifer Rising
Harper's Bizarre   Witchi Tai To
Hecker   Y-Gwaot Phase Inv
Tim Buckley   Starsailor
Bastard Noise/Jesus Philben   A Pedastal To Support the Invaders
October Country   October Country
The S.B .   track 5 untitle 3"
Boris   Feedbacker section 4
Deep Purple   Fools
Krieg   Time
Tarantism   Xenesthis Immanis
Electric Wizard   Phase Inducer
Bread Love & Dreams   Virgin Kiss
Brokenhearted Dragonflies   Particle Swarm Intelligence

next one : Monday Aug 2nd 10pm - 1am later- DRx

Klothesline Monday July 10th 10pm-1am WPRB Princeton 103.3 FM

Corrupted   El Mundo (excerpt)
Clark-Hutchinson   Acapulco Gold
Bill Fay   The Sun Is Bored
Ladies W.C.   Y en Todas Partes Veo la Sombra de esa Vida
Six Organs of Admittance   Memory Memory Memory

Excepter   Vacation
Mike Cooper   I've Got Mine
Watersports   (excerpt) cassette
Free   Wishing Well
Black Dice   Live Loop
Wigrid   Hoffnungstad

Cockney Rebel   Sebastian
Bathory   Blood Fire Death
Hair Police   Boneless Obedience Cuts
Monkees   Daily Nightly
Bonzo Dog Band   Laughing Blues
White Magic   Plain Gold Ring
Ed Askew   Oh All the Gold and Green Eyes

Bridget St. John   Pebble and the Man
Folkswingers   Grim Reaper of Love
Montage   She's Alone
Pan Sonic   Linjat excerpt
Leviathan   A Boquet Of Blood For Skull
Hawkwind   Master of the Universe

Wailing Wall   Scissor-Tailed Swallow
Jimmy Webb   Careless Weed
Beat of the Earth   excerpt from side two

next thyme should be July 19th 2004 10pm - 1am .. later...

Monday May 24th 2004 11pm-2am EST WPRB 103.3FM Princeton

Red Noise Sarcelles C'est L'Avenir
Comets On Fire Whiskey River
Spanky & Our Gang Echoes (Everybody's Talkin')
Sadistic Mika Band Citron Girl
DNA Grapefruit
R.O.T. Eeliugkelling

Autosalvage Our Life As We Lived It/Good Morning Blues
Universal Indians Sloth Nest (excerpt)
Esther Byrde/Solid Gold Orchestra Touch Me,Tease Me
Deathprod Dead People's Things (excerpt)
Roxy Music A Song For Europe
Drauga r Uncontrollable Despair
Teatro Satanico Sesso,Droga ed Industrial

Jefferson Airplane Go To Her
Julian Bradley Hurled Lights
Ufomammet Lacrimosa
Hellkult Hail War
Ceylon Mange Well Done Fat Rabbit
Sapphire Thinkers From Within
Kites The Hidden Family

Brian Eno On Some Faraway Beach
Nargaroth Manchmal Wenn Sie Schläft
Control Demise
Squaw Cave of the Sleeping Lizard

Bill Fay We Have Laid Here

Monday May 10th 11pm-2am WPRB 103.3FM Princeton

Terry Reid Silver White Light (live)
Norma x'd Out PO Box 96 Willimantic,Connecticut
Nurse With Wound Aquarium
Aaron Dilloway track 3 (untitled latest CDr)
Drudkh The First Snow
Zbigniew Karkowski Wave Terrain

Kingdom Come Come Alive
Flamen Dialis Illusion
Forest Obscurity
Genesis The Battle of Epping Forest
Mindflayer Destructed But-Bits Rush (lets Grow)
Ceramic Hobs Does He Take Sugar
Birchville Cat Hotel Glass harvest Mason
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Asshole/Snail Dilemma

Mauricio Kagel Teil 2 Acustica
Hairy Chapter Bad Dreams
Norbert Moslang c16

Horna (Kaiken) Kristityn Kuolema
Nachtmystium Cold Tormentor (I've Become)
Destruction Mad Butcher
Manegarm Agirs vrede
Revenge Heathen Hammer
Vondur Rocka Rolla
Mithrast Portal To The../World Beyond the Veil

Klothesline will be moving back to 10pm-1am on June 7th.. so mebbe I can get some sleep..

later... DRx

Klothesline playlist Apr 26 2004 11pm-2am dunno how much more o this I can take

Lasse Marhaug  Napoleon
King Crimson  Moonchild
Henry Flynt  Violin Strobe
Mouthus  Head of Shifting I

Premiata Forneria Marconi Geranio
Hermann Nitsch 5.Satz Komposition fur Orgel
Humble Pie For Your Love
Azrael # 3 Into Shadows Act II
Jean-Paul Pickens G.R.
Bon Scott & Fraternity Seasons of Change

Pentagram Forever My Queen
Hair Police Extinction (Rare Animals Hive Mind Version)
Ultravox Fear In the Western World
Sunburned Hand of the Man Camel Backwards

Lugubrum Attractive to the Flies
Noxagt Svartevatn
Samael Into the Pentagram
Kreato r Command of the Blade
Runes of Dianceht Black Star Domination
Morbid Angel Unholy Blasphemies
Tangorodrim Bestial Scent
Krieg Fleshprison Monolith
Vomitor Pain of Death
Armagedda Only True Believers
Thergothon Crying Blood & Crimson Snow

Ceramic Hobs Knights Move

Klothesline playlist Apr 12 04 Mon 11pm-2am blah blah

Coffee  Electric Dub
Walter Carlos  Timesteps
Kevin Drumm  Impish Tyrant
Veiled Allusions  Out of Range
Barnacled  Five Feet From Home
Carlos Zingaro/Voice Crack  Ba Kagpja Sirr

Osanna  Vibration VI
Dylan Nyoukis  norse fungi festivus
Witchfinder  General Free Country
Skin Crime  Live Free or Die
Moss  Tomb
Chaw Mank  Horses With Me
Cocaine  Overhell

1349  Chasing Dragons
Nachtmysticum  Goatblood Sabbath
2673  Commisioning Grief
Graves at Sea  Atavist Arise
Bathory  Massacre
Hive Mind  Cataclysmic Urge
Mutiilation  Destroy Your Life For Satan
Cock ESP/Panicsville  Further Excerpts From a Panicsville Sunday Breathmint/Deadline
Leviathan  Your Army Awaits
Grunt  Propaganden Uhrit

next time Apr 26 11pm-2am blah blah zzzzz

klothesline playlist Mon 29 2004

slight gap in programmin' due to fire alarm mishap.. some stood messin w/the hotplate..

The S.B. track 2 Seed and Surgery
Charlambides Magnolia
Krieg Venus in Furs
Moysk track 1 Dromk
Nuuj (excerpt) Plays Pachinko

Can't Reneging on the Promise of a Higher Education
Kluster Part Two (excerpt) Zwei-Osterei
Deathpile Known Victims
Pere Ubu Rhapsody In Pink

(fire alarm sounds.. I grab goods n flee.. let back in 15 mins later to smokedstenched hallway

AMM Sound of Indifference (excrpt)

Necrofrost Carcass Carried off By the Crawls of Titanbats
Stackwaddy Willie the Pimp
Ceylon Mange Death Fidelity
Lugubrum De Vette Cuecken
Tank Crazy Horses
Nate Young track 2 excerpt Drunk-Wasted

Pussy Galore Why Would I say It to You?
Unearthly Trance Equimanthorn
Id M Theft Able Pill Eyed Girl Drinks From the Tap
Prurient Shoulder/Neck/Jaw/Earlobe/Who Are You Anyway?/I Wonder If I'll Be Able To Sleep
Goat Rainbow Goat Demon


Idiot Control.. Saturday Nights For Sad Bastards.

SubHostin: Don Rettman Sat Feb 2.21.04 10pm-1am

Von Lmo We're Not Crazy
Annihilatus Death To Our Enemies
Metal Urbain Ghetto
Sir Lord Baltimore Helium Head (I Got A Love)
Wolf Eyes/John Wiese side A Live San Diego 2003
Brainbombs Stupid And Weak
Kissing Spell Yellow Moon
Mars Hairwaves

Buffalo Im A Skirt Lifter, Not A Shirt Raiser
Kreator Terrible Certainty
Sharon's Last Party Dogs Rotten Job
Nachtmystium Internal Fury
Catheter Unchallenged Hate
Pita Boiler
Viodre Track 10 Disgust (Heat ov the Day)

Vomitor Pain of Death Bleeding The Priest
Siege Sad But True
Earthride Volume 10
Amps For Christ Gold On Mars
Mick Ronson Only After Dark
Xasthur A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
Deicide The Pentecostal
Hans Reichel Bonobo II

Emil Beaulieau track 4 That Velvet Touch
Radio Palestine Lo-Fi Nubia
Sodality They Never Learn
Satanic Warmaster The Burning Eyes of the Werewolf
Cryptic Slaughter Wake Up
Raven Firepower
Taste What's Going On
Antidote Something Must Be Done

Cotton Museum Fuzzy Lung Infection
Zev If Only That Love Lets Letting Happen
James Twig Harper Solo track
Maggie Nichols & Julie Tippetts Ooh!-My Poor Feet!
Smell & Quim Track 4 Diameter of Elvis' Colon
Dustbreeders & Junko Live at Le Jardin Moderne

on air next--- March 1st Mon 11pm-2am


Subwerk for 200LBUnderground/StrongLilLegs slot
WPRB 103.3 Sat 11.29.03 10pm-1am
hostin'- Don Rettman

'Home of the Hitz'

Menace- I Need Nothing
F.U.'s- Civil Defense
Mayhem- Funeral Fog
Fartz- People United
Dio- We Rock
Cryptic Slaughter- Reich of Torture
Middle Class- Out of Vogue
Runaways- I Love Playin With Fire
Consumers- Anti Anti Anti
Sadistik Execution- Sadistically Executed
Flux of Pink Indians- Tube Disaster
Slapshot- Step On It
Buffalo- Dead Forever
Leviathan- Sardoniscorn
Rose Tattoo- All the Lessons
Users- Sick of You
The Fuse!- The Whip
Trust- Les Brutes
Hirax- Bombs of Death
Wurm- Feast
Edgar Broughton Band- Poppy
Enema Syringe- Jag Vill Bara Sla Dig
Usaisamonster- Poison Snake
Summon- Perverse Serenity
Splintered- Breakdown Pt II (Deliverance Version)
Hairy Chapter- Bad Dream
Angel Witch- Confused
Sweet- Wig Wam Bam
Urban Waste- Police Brutality


klothesline 11.24.03 10pm-1am WPRB 103.3 princeton host w/least- Don Rettman

'..the police stopped takin my calls months ago..'

Terminal Cheesecake- Messiah
Air Conditioning- Citizen's Band/I'm In the Mountains, Call Me Next Year
Venom- Warhead
Mammal- Anti Cloud
Richard Pinhas- Rhizophere Sequent
Monotract- Live at Yokohama 02
Al Green- You
Marios Group- Borungku Si Derita
Atmosfear- Dancing in Outer Space
Peter Hammill- Imperial Zeppelin
Ved Buens Ende- Remeberance of Things Past
Orient Express- For a Moment
Tarantism- Black Plastic Lung
Seesselberg- Overture
Cosmonauts Hail Satan- Satan Yuri & You Part II
Aaron Dilloway- Inside Dead Bird 2
Creation Rebel- Space Movement 3
Mike Shiflet- Lights Out
Primitive Calculators- Do the Icepick
Kites- Local Kids
Hallelujah- Waterloo
Brown Supper- Sensible
Lucifugum- Nadaem Cemehem
Clark-Hutchinson- Free To Be Stoned
Maggot- What's Eating You
Abcess- Filth Chamber
Enslaved- A Darker Place
Flower Travelin Band- 21st Century Schizoid Man


Mon 11.10.03
host- Don Rettman
103.3 wprb p-ton

'I'll give you uppitty...'

Bohannon- East Coast Groove
Organum- Valley of Worms
Magma- Zombies(Ghost Dance)
Soul Seven- Live at South Dallas Pop Festival 1970
Bunnybrains- Overdose
Double Leopards- The Forest Outlaws
Barnacled- Damp
Screamin Mee Mees- Pigs
Head Shop- Heaven Here We Come
Gran Am- Get High
Sound of Feeling- Hex
Klaus Schulze- Stardancer II
Dave Phillips/Fear of God- The Hermeneutics of..
Mayhem- Necrolust
Fat Worm Of Error- Action Overnite
Necronomitron- Sickstick
Orcustus- World Dirtnap
Ilsa Gold- Bosnia 303
Viki- Talk To Yourself
Jan Dukes De Grey- Mice and The Rats In the Loft
Tarantism- Cry Me An Egg
Scorpions- Drifting Sun
Delarosa- Untitled(Late,Unspecified)
Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan- The Visitor From Inner Space
Goblin- Deep Shadow
Niney The Observer- God Bless My Dub
Greg Kelley/Jason Lescaleet- Autumn Leaves
Immaculate:Grotesque- 110 Days
Reverened Lester Knox- Tongues Explained

next thyme- Nov 24 10pm-1am USA EST


Saturday 09.27.03 11pm-1am Subwerk for Brian n Chris's 'Idiot Control'
WPRB 103.3 FM

Pierre Schaeffer- Etude Aux Objects
Cabaret Voltaire- Get Out Of My Face
Giorgio- Nights In White Satin
Wagstaff- Toy Car (2001 Version)
Pretty Tony- Jam the Box
Slade- Get Down & Get With It
Misfits- Horror Business
Black Sabbath- Trashed
F.U.s- Warlords
Really Red- Prostitution
Pest- Satanic Winter
Terje Jesper och Joachim- We Got To Leave
Chosen Few- The Hunter
Red C- Pressures On/6 O'Clock News
Budgie- Hot As a Docker's Armpit (Live)
Mekons- 32 Weeks
Mars- Helen Forsdale
Scratch & Upsetters- Dread Lion
Aorta- Heart Attack
Hairy Chapter- It Must Be An Officer's Daughter
Del- Jer Er En Skikkelig Bra Fyr
Family- Strange Band (Live)
Sea of Tombs- Glass Sun
Uriah Heep- Gypsy
Stack Waddy- Sure Nuff n Yes I Do
Alex Chilton- Hey! Little Child
Nikki Sudden- All the Gold
Magic Markers- We Are the Magic Markers/I Am Not Compassionate


Monday 09.29.03- 10pm-1am WPRB 103.3 Klothesline

'We Shaved Them Bald & Tatooed Garish Wrestling Masks Across Their Faces-
The Sequel'

Dylan Nyoukis- Extract From Dead Pharoah vs Smeared On Monkey Eyeball
Sapat- Track 1 from CDr
Morton Subotnik- Mandolins
Deepkiss 720- Boot Spoilers(Trans Am Flick Mix)/Beautiful Kickboxer
Flying Lizards- Ash and Diamond
DJ Ordeal- John #4
Eno- Here Comes the Warm Jets
Davis Redford Triad- Violent Stupid Friend
Panicsville- Traingle Umbrella & You
Factrix- Phantom Pain
Fingers Inc- Beyond the Clouds
Expose Your Eyes- Uncle Paul's Wooly Vests
Malcolm Clarke- La Grande Piece De Foire De La Deleware
Bob Thiele/Gabor Szabo- Fakin It
Sadistic Mika Band- Silver Child
Smegma- I Am Not Artist
May Blitz- For Mad Men Only
Mourning Reign- Satisfaction Guaranteed
All The People- Cramp Your Style
Korea Soundblaster- section #7
Scientist- Dangerous Match #7
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra- Popular Myth and Destruction Of Sodom
Genya Ravan- Feel the Need In Me
Space Machine - track 1/side 3 of '3'
Wolf Eyes- from Asylum Style vol.1
Zero Kama- Winged Eye Hadit
Nomex- Infiltrate/Assimilate
Hair Police- Arise!
Globe Unity Orchestra- Ruby My Dear


Mon 08.04.03 10pm - 1am

'little kitten lungs filling w/ horse steam in the caramel

Hapsash & the Colored Coat- Chicken Run
Dead Comet Alive- Fever Swarms
Skullflower- Saturn
Il Balletto Di Bronzo- Introduzione/Primo Incontro/Secondo Incontro
Sunburned Hand Of the Man- Rivershine
Chambers Brothers- Time Has Come Today
Panicsville- Imperfection Of the Organism
Leviathan- Sardoniscorn
David Phillips- Hermeneutics of Fear of God
May Blitz- Smoking the Day Away
Cleanse- Putrid Lust
Comets On Fire- Graverobbers
Lily & Maria- Ismene Jasmine/There'll Be No Clowns Tonight
Ultra- Kiddie Litter
Caravan- In the Land Of Grey & Pink (BBC version)
Flower Travellin Band- Black Sabbath
Winter Blut- Treffen:Beklemmend
Sissy Spacek- Remote Whale Control
Still Life- October Witches
Merzbow/Boris- Froggie Bee-Baa


Mon Juli 07 03 1

prog führt Rauch Riß...

Hawkwind- Sonic Attack/Time We Left This World Today(live)
Khanate- Dead
Alvin Lucier- The Duke of New York
Jockesses- (track 2)
Tilt- Arkade Funk
Gomorrha- Trauma
Jason Lescaleet- Beautiful Whore
Cabaret Voltaire- She's Black Part One
Embryo- Time/Tausendfubler(live)
Aaron Dilloway- Live at C-Pop
Bladder Flask- Musical Behind Head
Pink Fairies- Going Down
Power Of Zeus- The Death Trip
Badgerlore- Folk Music For No One
Joe Colley- Pages From 'How To Survive Yourself'
Factrix- Burning Sand(Excerpt)
Charisma- Bizwambi:Ritual Dance of the Reptiles
Toad- Thoughts
Burmese- Babysitter
Schimpfluch-Gruppe- Aktion 950908 Taipei Taiwan
Tangerine Dream- Sunrise In The Third System
Kevin Drumm- Land Of Lurches 3


Jun 23rd 2003 host-- Don Rettman

i get concussion.... me go lie down now...

Van Der Graaf Generator- Lizard Play
Noxagt- Swarm
P16.D4- I Did What I Did
U Can Unlearn Guitar- Delicate Pistons
Samla Mammas Manna- Minareten
Anaal Nathrakh- Atavism
Leaf Hound- Drowned Ny Life in Fear
Factrix- Splice Of Life
Smashchords- Brand New Rambler
Ceramic Hobs- (from s/t cassette)
Michael Yonkers Band- Scat Jam
Wolf Eyes- Dead Hills II
Napalm Death- Unchallenged Hate
Crawlspace- Ballad Of a Thick Skull
Sightings- White Keys
Goatvomit- Lord Baphomet's Wrath
Bastard Noise- Space Coffin
Erkki Kurenniemi- On-Off
Hatfield & the North- Rifferama
Leather Nun- Death Threats
Annexus Quam- Trobluhs el e Isch
Organum/New Blockaders- Salute (2)
Bizarre Uproar- Antibliss 2
Electric Light Orchestra- First Movement(Jumpin Biz)
Urinals- Sex(Acoustic)
Khanate- No Joy(Remix)
Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Drumm/Dieb13/Noetinger- Berlin 3
Nautical Almanac- Hob Nob Glob
Uriah Heep- Real Turned On
Cotton Museum- Cut Up Bugs (6)
Farmersmanual- ktxt-zmd3.txt


DJ Tony Rettman
WPRB, Princeton, NJ

Radio 200LBU 12/6/03 with special guest Brother J.T.

*=Suggested by Brother J.T.

The Salvation Company-The Revival
The Salvation Compnay-Earl Is Crazy
The Salvation Company-Earl Was Ahead
Edgar Broughton Band-And It's Not You

Original Sins-Black Hole
Grin-Love Or Else
Plastic Crimewave Sound-Caged Fire Theme
Pere Ubu-Final Solution*

Flipper-Ha Ha Ha*
Neil Campbell And Rob Heyler-False Positive
Freez-Southern Freez
Sound Of Feeling-Along Came Sam
Brother J.T.-Brother Brother

Brian Wilson-Life Is For The Living
Moonkyte-It's The Same Thing
Bread Love And Dreams-Sucking On A Cigarette
Chris Lucey-I Got Blues
Lee Mallory-Take My Hand
The Move-Hey Grandma
MC5-Looking At You*
Brother J.T.-Hear The Waves

Banco-Leave Me Alone
Excepter-Shattered Skull
Boyce And Hart-I Think I Should Be Going Home
Spires In The Sunset Rise-Bells Don't Ring At Night

Legend-Cross Country
Double Leopards-The Secret Correspondence Part One
Jefferson Airplane-Good Shepperd
Jimmy Campbell-In My Room

Barnacled-Vulcanizing Society
David Axelrod-Holy Thursday
Al Green-I Can't Stop

Youth Brigade(D.C.)-Barbed Wire
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Action Strausse
Weirdos-Skateboards From Hell
Urban Waste-Skank
The Fuse-All Across The World
Sick Things-Police
Screamin' Mee-Mees-Too Young To Shave
D.Y.S.-Insurance Risk
Cheifs-The Lonelys

Brother JT-Gettin' There
Bob Dylan-Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
The Anomoanon-Two Eyes Wild
Siren-Strange Locomotion
Steve Marcus-Hey Jude
Al Kopper & Shuggie Otis-One Room Country Shack

Rare Bird-Natures Fruit
Chambers Brothers-Are You Ready?
B.B. Blunder-Sticky Living
Alternative T.V.-Life After Dub
Thomas Jefferson Kaye-Hole In The Shoe Blues
Donovan-The Music Makers

6 Organs Of Admittance-Only The Sun Knows



Splendor Mystic Solis-Splendor Two
Ike and Tina Turner-'Nuff Said Part One
The Who-Dogs Part Two
Arcadium-I'm On My Way
Matt Valentine-Ceremony Without

Laughing Hyenas-Candy
Bang-Idealist Realist
Little Killers-Choppin' Block
Plastic Crimewave Sound-Husk
Bram Tchaikovsky-I'm A Believer
Peter Hamill-Birthday Girl
Social Distortion-It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
Mass Death-Bloodmunching

Wide Awake-The Truth
Hard Stance-Clash Of Views
Viki-Merican Metal
End To End-None For All
Antidote-Something Must Be Done
Poison Idea-Thorn In My Side
Maniax-Off To War

Bridget St. John-To Be Without A Hitch (Demo)
Fire In The Kitchen-Cold Rain And Snow
The Shins-More To Come
Bees Make Honey-Bootersville
Al Stewart-You Don't Even Know Me
Thundertrain-Hot For Teacher!
Expedition-Water Song
No Neck Blues Band-To Russia With Love

Unicorns is a weekly show, aired long and hard on the gem of thee Fm dial 91.7, WMCN, Macalester College Radio. The host, the coolest guy ever Matt St-Germain, hosts a variety of guests like his drunk cousin or some guy I'm smoking weed with, or Brian Chippendale, and talks really fast so you can't understand anything he says. Would you like airplay? mail to Unicorns/MSG POBOX 582391 MPLS MN 55458. If you enclose $1, I promise to play your shittty music for sure.

Unicorns (or Blues Graveyard) airs at 10 PM central on Wednesday till the turn of the day.

"Not Enough Dicks Around."

Artist     Song     Album    Label
Black Stool    Anise    S/T CDR    Freedom From
Kemialliset Ystavat    Miisa    Miisa LP    Fusetron
Eagles    I Can't Tell You Why    Greatest Hits 2CD  Amanda Warner
Total Shutdown   Grey Clouds   The Album CD  Tigerbeat 6
Dead C.  Trust  Vs. Sebadoh 7"  Siltbreeze
Hair Police   That's Not Blood   Blow Out Your Blood CD Freedom From
Wives   Vice City  Split 7" w/ K.I..T.  Post Present Medium
Sweet Zeus    #2    no title CDR    no label
Ova!    #5    no title CDR    no label
Andrew W.K.    #4    V/A Labyrinths & Jokes CD    Hanson
Peter Jeffries & Jono Lonie    At Swim 2 Birds    At Swim 2 Birds LP   Xpressway
Michael Yonkers    Damsel For And Your Angel    Grimwood LP   Michael Yonkers
Michael Yonkers    Grimwood    Grimwood LP    Michael Yonkers
Michael Yonkers    Sandcastle    Grimwood LP    Michael Yonkers
Michael Yonkers    Lonely Fog    Grimwood LP    Michael Yonkers
Michael Yonkers    The Day Is Through    Grimwood LP    Michael Yonkers
Pink & Brown    Messy Bessy, Get Undressy    Shame Fantasy II CD    Load
Numbers     Too Cool To Say Hi     Tour Promo CD     no label
Andrew W.K.     Long Live The Party     The Wolf CD     Island
Weasel Walter     Knife Through The Face of The Bitch I Hate    V/A Just Drums CD     Fever Pitch
Curse Of The Birthmark    1700 Witches    no title CDR     no label
Mammal     Fog Rhythm     SNSE Promotional CDR     SNSE
The Lowdown     I'll Turn Your Blood Into Ants     Y Is A Crooked Letter CD     Zum
Deerhoof     A Town Test Site     V/A Dual Plover Athlete of the Week CD     Dual Plover
Volvox    Touched By The Mouth That's Bad     V/A Dual Plover Athlete of the Week CD     Dual Plover
Peeled Hearts Paste     Tossypot.     V/A Dual Plover Athlete of the Week CD     Dual Plover
Friends Forever     Win     Killball CD     Load
Eagles     One Of These Nights     Greatest Hits 2CD     Amanda Warner


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