ISSUE 14   WINTER 2002/2003

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3    Joyce        4  Russolo      


 Honegger     6 Leon Theremin  


7 Pound   Pound  


8 Bunuel       9 Duchamp   

10 Man Ray   11 Henry Miller  


12 Leger    13 Dali 




15 The Three Stooges   16 Welles  


17 Nin   18 Dot Parker  

19 Callas   


20 Lee Krasner, Noon (1947)     


21 Burroughs   22 Lee Marvin  


23 the Pierres   the Pierres   


24  that sad Nazi bastard Veit Harlan and his 1958 homoerotic apartment wrestling film (with partial live electronic music soundtrack) The Third Sex      25 Sun Ra   


26 Partch

27 Karlheinz    

28 Saul Bass   Saul Bass  

29 Joseph Stefano 


 30 B&W Kubrick   B&W Kubrick  


31 Cage


32 Ken Anger   Ken Anger

33 Iannis  


34 RM's Women      35 Fluxus (in doses)


36 Albert and   Don Ayler   

37 Jess Franco's  zoom    


38 Witold Lutoslawski

39 Cecil Taylor 

40 Price  Steele Lee/Cushing 


41 mid-to-late  Albert Zugsmith   


42 all atomic   test footage  

43 all Toho monster kino


44 Link Wray


45 all Doris Wishman  


46 Situationists (esp. those with bad hair)   


47 global student revolt and the inevitable erotic aftermath  48 Soviet sci-fi kino


49  Funkadelic (particularly America Eats Its Young, which is still too brilliant for words)

50 early Mothers  

51 Yoko   Ono's Apple   albs

52 Hendrix (Band of Gypsies)   53 Jack Bruce's first three solo albums and his live Cream work

54 Fela (ca. '71, thanks to Ginger Baker)  

55 all Uriah Heep fans


56 New York Dolls (for their music, esp. the staggering Too Much Too Soon)  

57 Can/Cow/Faust/Wyatt (specifically for End of an Ear and Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard)  58 Nitsch, Muehl and ander Vienna Actionists


59 (Iggy and) Stooges (purists prefer Asheton, but Williamson was the King Tubby of guitar -- his complete and utter flameout post-Stooges only amplifies the truth of the assertion)   60 American television director Greg Garrison


61 Miles (1969-1975 only, and woe to all pretenders)   62 some Mahavishnu (but nothing after the original quintet split in '73)


63 Sparks (the first five albums, especially Indiscreet, still audaciously brilliant after 20+ years)   64 Jamie Muir


65 La Barbara   66 For Your Pleasure (hundreds of spins)


67 all noir fatales (1944-1961)   68 The Slider

69 "Time" from Aladdin Sane  70 Nico/Eno/Cale/VU


71 most pre-Utopia Todd, esp. the peerless Wizard (but not Todd)   72 Portsmouth Sinfonia


73 Gary Glitter/Glitter Band  


74 a photo of the Sex Pistols in an April '76 issue of Melody Maker (which for me was almost as significant as actually hearing their music)   

75 the titanic Electric Eels   76 the unknown promise suggested by Verlaine's "Break It Up" solo from Horses


77 Braxton, the one true living God   


78 Ramones' first two albs (but nothing after)  



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