Childcare, the most important issue for the future of our generation is not a pleasure anymore to the majority of men and women in our society, because the whole society is geared to living up to a Hollywood cum Madison Avenue image of men and women, and a way of life that has nothing to do with childcare. We are in a serious identity crisis. The society is driven by neurotic speed and force accelerated by greed, and frustration of not being able to live up to the image of men and women we have created for ourselves: the image, which has nothing to do with the reality of people. How could we be an eternal James Bond and Twiggy (false eyelashes, the never-had-a-baby-or-a-full-meal look) and raise three kids on the side? In such an image-driven culture, a piece of reality, like a child, becomes a direct threat to our very false existence.

The only game we play together with our children is star-chasing: sadly, not stars in the sky, but “STARS” who we think have achieved the standard of the dream image we have imposed on the human race. We cannot trust ourselves anymore, because we know that we are, well…too real. We are forever apologetic for being real. Excuse me for farting, excuse me for making love and smelling like a human being, instead of that odorless celluloid prince and princess image out there on the screen.

By Yoko Ono

excerpt from liner note essay, Approximately Infinite Universe (1972, Apple Records)