1 a.m. - Aurora Borealis Theatre

Movie - (Suspense; 2 hours) "Night Cabbie" (1971) A lonely cab driver (Dallesandro) in an unnamed midwestern city plans the assassination of the incumbent County Assessor (Whitman). Joe Dallesandro, Kiki Dee, Jane Birkin, Stuart Whitman, Holly Woodlawn, Scatman Crothers.

2 a.m. - Last Sheep Theater

Movie - (Musical; 2 hours) "Our Gang Forever" (1964) The boys re-unite to keep mods out of their favorite Bowery gin mill. Score by Dory Previn. Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Anna May Wong, Jean Shrimpton, Roddy McDowell.

3:30 a.m. - Night Owl Theater
Movie - (Western; 2 hours) "Tall, Tall Wagons" (1957) A grizzled old fool tries in vain to teach the Irish to farm, aided by a vivacious young saloon keeper. Howard Duff, Vic Morrow, Forrest Tucker, Shecky Green, Joyce Vanderveen.

10:30 p.m. - The CBS Late Movie

Movie - "Blood Pools at the Feet" (1974; crime-drama) Jan Murray, Clint Walker, Shelley Fabares. A deadbeat dad flunks out of dental school and leads a down-at-heel police chief (Walker) on a cat-and-mouse chase through the library stacks of the University of New Mexico. (Closed Captioning Available)

11:30 p.m. (immediately following the Ohio State/Grambling bowl game) - Cineplex 17 After Dark

"The Many Loves of Jonas Salk" (Romance; 1970) Famed Scientist Salk (Rennie) discovers that biology and love are not such strange bedfellows after all. Pilot to short-lived TV series. Michael Rennie, Bud Cort (as the young Salk), Kevin McCarthy, Jean Seberg, Katherine Ross, Stella Stevens.

12:15 p.m. - Noon Box Top Movie

"Likkered Up!" (Comedy-Drama; 1957) When persons unknown brew up some blinding moonshine in the town water tower, a feisty sheriff (Kilbride) tries to keep order. Percy Kilbride, Strother Martin, Ken Curtis, Chief Yowlatchie, Mickey Fox, Princess Livingston, Leslie Parrish, Stubby Kaye.

2:30 a.m. - UHF Rabbit Ear Matinee

Movie - "The Boy Baa Baa" (Drama; 1971) Stagey adaptation of John Barth's groundbreaking novel, Giles Goat-Boy, by The Royal Lipincott Theater Company, filmed in and around the French Mental Hospital at Charenton. Directed by Sven Nykvist. The Royal Lipincott Players, Blythe Danner, M. Emmett Walsh, Zero Mostel, Dan Blocker, Stacy Keach, Lee Remick.

Midnight - Midnight at the OK Corral

Movie - "Sabotage Stampede" (Western; 1947) Communist spies who infiltrate a Nevada cattle ranch get more than they bargained for. George "Gabby" Hayes, Sonny Tufts, Chief Yowlachie, Regis Toomey, Audrey Trotter.

11:30 p.m. - Don's House of Organs Presents

Movie - "Rancho Mondo" (Comedy; 1973) A pair of ne'er-do-well grifters find a way to profit on a hoof and mouth disease epidemic. Billy Green Bush, Joe Spinell, Trinidad Hopkins, Patti D'Arbanville, Earl Holliman, Royal Dano, William Wellman, Jr., The Marshall Tucker Band.

2 a.m. - CBS Late, Late Movie

Movie - "Crack's Big Tease" (Suspense; 1972) An AWOL Black G.I. (Grier) returns to Detroit to find his stable being run by a rival pimp (Price). Roosevelt Grier, Cleavon Little, Marilu Henner, Vincent Price, Nichelle Nichols, Yaphet Kotto, Lew Ayres.

5 a.m. - Sunrise Featurette

Movie - "Snockered Up" (Comedy-Drama; 1967) Sequel to the perennial holiday favorite "Likkered Up," finds irascible sheriff Pancake (now played by Corman) up against beatnik swingers who've re-opened a backwoods still. Harvey Corman, Timothy Carey, Dick Miller, Bruce Dern, Stella Stevens, Holly Near, Joy Bang.

Noon - WCB Noon Movie

Movie - "Gimme, Mister!" (Drama; 1966) Anti-establishment fable in which a hot-headed London youth is pitted against a retirement home he believes is holding his grandfather prisoner. Directed by Tony Edwards. Music by Free Design. Tom Courtenay, Sir Ralph Richardson, Aleister Sim, Marianne Faithful, James Fox.

-- listings compiled by Charles Lieurance