5. Hansel and Gretel. Back to the structure: as night begins to fall, only two of the kids remain, Sally and her wheelchair-bound brother Franklin. They become increasingly scared as they realize they have no choice but to leave the van and enter the dark forest to find out where their friends are. This sequence is so well-filmed it becomes something right out of Hansel and Gretel. Sally pushes her brother through menacing twisted branches with only a flashlight to guide them. They shout the names of their dead friends in vain, and then that archetypal dialogue: "I think I see a light!" . . . . "It's a house!" Two more lambs drawn to the charnel hallway. On this weekend's viewing, knowing the terror that they were walking headlong into, I found this sequence to be not only scary but downright tragic. Then again, I have a crush on Sally, and I couldn't bear to think about what was in store for her.