Remember how in the last issue I was going on and on about how "in a week or two" I was going to start updating Blastitude every other day or so, as individual pieces -- columns, interviews, and even single record reviews -- get done? Well, now it's time. I wasn't quite sure how to get started, and while I was trying to figure it out, another whole issue, #16, got done. So here it is, with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre cover, and NOW, #17 is going to start being updated, piece by piece, after I take a mere couple weeks off. So really, and I mean it this time, start stopping by at least once a week to see what's new.

Every week there will probably always be a couple more record reviews added, and some weeks there will be big interviews and features and regular columns added, so it should be a good time. While these forthcoming issues slowly develop before your eyes, the front cover is subject to change according to the whims of the growing content. Each issue may have two or more front covers before being "put to bed." We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, to see updates at any given time, click on "THE LATEST" over there on the left-side menu if you've got the frameset. (And if you don't, and you want it, click here.) Hey, while you're over there, check out some of our new semi-regular "features" and "side projects," also subject to change and be updated continuously. All past issues, #1-15, will remain online OF COURSE and can be accessed by clicking "past issues" over there.

Finally, please let me know what you think of this new style. Let me know if you like or dislike the frameset. I wanna know! Don't be afraid to bash it! I'm just curious! E-mail me at with any opinions.

And now, here's a couple
that you might find useful for dealing with the frameset.

1. IF YOU GET LOST AND WANT TO GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE JUST READING, USE YOUR BROWSER'S BACK BUTTON. The frameset can get kind of out of control. The back button is your best bet to get you back to familiar ground. Also, clicking "THE LATEST" over there to your left will always get you back to the most current table of contents.

2. IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE FRAMESET ALTOGETHER, right click on any link and choose "Open In A New Window." Should work fine that way too.


alright, thanks, now check out: