Blastitude 10
issue 12   february/march/april 2002



FIRST LISTEN IN AT LEAST TWO YEARS DEPT: Mouth Crazy LP. If you read my last column, you'll realize I've been dusting off all the old Ecstatic Ass Run LPs. So, 30 years from now, will these be selling for $50 or more, displayed low under the glass cases or high on the walls of record stores? I could see the noise-prov blare of the Max Factory LP sounding a lot more mind-blowing in 30 years than it does now. The same goes for Mouth Crazy, except that it also happens to sound mind-blowing now; this is an excellent LP. They're a trio doing the whole drony/noise-jam/trance-drumming thing. As a thing, it is NOT new, not at all, but just because something isn't new doesn't mean it can't be MADE new. (That's what Ezra Pound was talkin' about...) The New Faggot Cunts from Nashville, TN actually sound a lot like this band -- both even have a girl in the band. But while the NFC's are really good at this style and surely getting better even as I speak, Mouth Crazy are BLESSED with it. Plus, they achieve that thing that it so rare for musicians of any genre: SPARSENESS.

That's it! That's all I've got! Dolman's column has made me feel like I'm being redundant! He stole my idea! Just so he could make a Larry King joke! The bastard! I quit!

                                      Brad Sonder lives in Lincoln, and recently celebrated his 1000th consecutive day spent sitting at his home computer listening to records. (He did participate in the interview with Matt Silcock about Raymond Pettibon, but during it he was still sitting at his computer and he played records throughout.) Don't miss his dense 'new records' column, So Much Music, So Much Time, as collected in Nougat. Brad also writes a column about the Lincoln music scene for


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