Allen Ginsberg, from "The Great Remember"
© 1972 by Allen Ginsberg
as published in Visions of Cody by Jack Kerouac
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

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Like these whatsems (badly scanned) from p. 124 of Ports of Entry: Williams S. Burroughs And The Arts (1996, Los Angeles County Museum of Art). The colors came out looking wrong--they're actually more brick red, maroon, less orange. But who knows how they look on your monitor anyway? Plus I cut off the right third of the bottom one. ("Christmas Cheer," the top one is called "Four Celestial Babies.")

    "With a few exceptions of such pistol-shot pieces as Shot Sheriff (1992), work on gun art came to a halt in 1988, when Burroughs turned to painting on slick, heavy papers ("I want the colors to run around"), with a brush most often but also with his hands, spray paint, markers, plungers, and even mushrooms ("I got some good mileage out of them mushrooms")....not wishing to have his work become mechanical or predictable, he changes techniques often: "spattering, marbling, strips of paper, rollers, Pollock's drip-can device, the Rorschach method." What Burroughs calls the "Rorschach method" is precisely that, the method of making ink-blot abstractions, or Zufallsbilder (literally "chance pictures"), devised by Dr. Hermann Rorschach around 1912 for use in psychiactric diagnoses."   
--from Ports of Entry, p. 113







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